Respecting the character of oil-&-gas equipment, POGL has deliberate & sustain policy to strengthen her capacity on offering safe & efficient service to clientele.

Now, most Chinese customers & specific state-owned oil companies are aware of POGL good reputation on oil-&-gas equipment transportation. POGL is selling her know-how on oil-&-gas equipment transportation to customers in others continentals.
POGL regards green-energy product is one of great potential cargo even overall volume export ex China is staying on downward trend in last couple years.

However, POGL will still regard this cargo as target and will try to enlarge her market participation through consecutive effort. POGL does believe her investment will have fruitful feedback in future. VIEW MORE
In order to serve those infrastructure projects in Latin America countries, POGL generates respective total-solution plan on offering the safe transportation to those high-value equipments on infrastructure  field ( i.e. rotor-generator/ bullet-train / gantry- crane, etc) to various from Asian factory up to the place nominated by receiver at destination.

POGL has been regarded as reliable service provider by specific international contruction group.
POGL establishes long-term contracts with few state-owned mineral companies on transporting those mineral equipment (i.e. pit-car/bulldozer/windlass, etc) since Y2012. POGL will continue her effort on securing more mineral company support in next couple years.

POGL would like to be the best choice through her safe-&-cost-saving package service for most mineral companies in near future. VIEW MORE
Contributed POGL frequent & fast-transit-time service, POGL is one of the leading carriers on Vehicle transportation to Latin America as well as yacht/power-boat to Miami/Los-Angles ex Asia. VIEW MORE
POGL always searches the healthy growth. POGL believes reasonable / profitable / round-trip account structure are the pillar of health growth. In this respect, POGL first priority to secure support from those high-value cargo like oil-&-gas / heavy / mineral... equipment accounts on her eastbound route.

On the other hand, POGL vessel serves those raw-material, grain, on her westbound route. Attributed the good balance on POGL round-trip service, POGL is able to offer the steady / frequency / safe service to her esteemed supporters. VIEW MORE